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He was born in Shaker Heights, Ohio to a family of Polish, German, Austrian, and Russian descent.Joshua studied drawing and painting at the Northwestern University.His song "Star Mile" is on The Last Kiss movie soundtrack.Most recently his song "What If You" was featured on soundtrack to the movie Catch and Release.I used to have it, and when I got rid of it everything great happened. Zach Braff, by far, has been the biggest proponent of my music. Its very important to have people open doors for you, but you have to keep them open yourself. I think that may be what people are responding to is that I never sit down and write a song and say I want to sell this or I want people to relate to this I just write what Im going through and if people like it, they like it, or if they dont, change the radio station or dont buy the album or whatever it is, but I think honesty is always relatable. I know Ill always be creative, I know Ill wake up everyday and want to create, but I could never say you know, if youd have told me five years ago that Id be riding around on a tour bus playing music that I wrote to people, Id say youre crazy. P: Whats the title of the album, the CD, that J: I like to call it a record. Well certainly thats what it was called in my earlier days. The song went on Scrubs and I said, okay, Ive got to have something out there for people to buy at shows, or whatever. You know, there are a couple of songs on there that producers pushed me in such a way by saying oh, youre going to want a record deal or youre going to want this, so when I made We Were Here as my first full record said I dont need drums on it, I dont play with drums, you know, I just want it to be me; a consistent album that someone can throw on and say I love the way this sounds, rather than a bunch of different kinds of things showing a record company that I can do this or I can do that I wanted a cohesive project, so thats what We Were Here is, and, I still like it, which is weird. So, every night there are six or seven different artist on the bill, and we wanted to bring that vibe around the country. Its interesting, I think, a lot of times people ask me when Im interviewed do I have any advise for other struggling singer/songwriters or artist, and I would say in terms of music, the best advise I could give is do it yourself, at first.P: There were friends of yours that were instrumental in opening doors for you. Actually, he was the one who encouraged me when I wrote that song Winter. And I said, I dont how to record music, or Ive never even wrote a song, or I didnt know what I was doing at all, and he said, see if you can record it and get it on a CD and Ill give it to the producers of Scrubs, maybe theyll want to use it or something, you never know. P: Plus, listening to your music it is message music. Especially with love, I mean I write about falling in and out of love basically, for the most part. J: Yeah, and the problems I had with screenwriting was I was dating this girl and Id want to put all these things about our relationship in the script and Id be so fearful of oh, shes going to know and this is going to affect our relationship and all that, and then when I started writing songs I said, you know what, if Im going to do this Im going to do it honestly and Im not going to worry about anything but being honest. J: But I call a movie a picture Im real old school. So that people who live all over the place and not in L. can get that experience of what its like to go into The Hotel Caf one night and hear a bunch of musicians youve never heard before. Is there anything else that youd like for the Emerging Music audience to know? I can answer questions P: Well, youve been great, you have answered a lot of questions! I had a lot of friends who signed on to major labels with like a development deal or something and its been three years and they havent had a record, their own record, because at major labels the turn over rate is like a restaurant.

The songs "Today", "Closer", "Don't Look Away" and "These Photographs" were also used on the show.Joshua Radin has been involved in Little Kids Rock, a national nonprofit band which provides music education to schools without music programs.His major songs have been part of television series such as Scrubs, Grey's Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters, American Idol, and Cougar Town.The album "We Were Here" was released in 2006, containing many of the songs featured on the various television shows.The album is made up of heavily acoustic indie Folk/Pop, and is especially reminiscent of Simon & Garfunkel, Elliott Smith, Damien Rice and Iron & Wine. Schuyler Fisk Schuyler Elizabeth Fisk was born on July 8, 1982.Joshua Radin Radin began his artistic pursuits at an early age with art, acting and music.


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