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Japanese dating sims and witch fondling titles notwithstanding, the DS doesn't have any clones.But just like any other scene, the Nintendo DS has a network of people working outside of the fringe to create those illicit goods you'd never ask for at a respectable shop.These are the hottest eroge games you can find in the Japanese eroge games genre.Dating simulation games started gaining popularity in Japan during the 90's.

Generally one of the goals, besides the main plot goal, is to develop a romantic relationship between the female player character and one of several male, or occasionally female characters.

The majority of dating simulation games usually has the player assuming the role of a male protagonist in the lead role, as he tries to win over the hearts of several beautiful girls.

As the name might suggest, they resemble mixed-media novels.

Below are all types of eroge games, including eroge RPGs, eroge dating sims and more.

This list includes all popular eroge games that have ever hit the shelves, so it doesn't necessarily have all the more obscure or brand new eroge games.


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