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In a video posted on Facebook on March 27 by Kyle Chapman, the camera pans across what can only be described as a DIY armory: Baseball helmet, ski goggles, shin guards, face mask, wooden shield, flag pole.“The benefit of the baseball helmet is that you have holes where the ears are,” Chapman tells his viewers.On Wednesday, I posted a photo by walking partner Greg Lee of an osprey hanging out on a nesting platform at Mc Euen Park.Nearby, a Canada goose couple were hanging at another nesting platform. It's a stickman that is able to move some of its body parts: head, arms, legs, torso.It is somewhat flexible as every arm and leg has 3 junctions each. It shows how to position the camera, play with the viewport, handle translations and rotations while nesting matrixes to make independent and dependent transformations.Chapman turns around, hesitates, and swings at the man, who falls to the ground.The man with the skateboard then strikes Chapman with his board before the video ends.

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According to a police report, people on either side were “armed with weapons, shields, pepper spray, portable radios, smoke canisters, etc., wearing protective padding and helmets, and in at least one confirmed case, ballistic armor.” Videos show that the event intermittently broke out into outright melees, featuring an abundance of punches, pepper spray, blood, and, of course, Chapman’s infamous stick-beating.

I have wanted to create an original cartoon series since about the first season of South Park, and I am pleased that it seems I may have found just the software to do it.""Gidday from Australia! I have used practically all 2d animation apps available and none of them have been as easy to operate as Stickman. It is for experts too, because it is possible to do everything what an expert wish.

The first time I used it I spent 7 hours dabbling around with little to no frustration, except my eyeballs became fused to my sockets from gazing at the screen for so long and my partner had to drag me away! Or is it too easy for experts, they need more complications? Now I use Gimp instead of Photoshop, Inkscape instead of Illustrator and now Stickman instead of Flash. "Tom Erik (Norwegian):"Elevene her har fått sans for Stickman, og har raskt laget animasjonsfilmer på rekordtid.

It is a mature, stable product that has been exceptionally well designed. I particularly admire software with a low learning curve such as Stickman so that students can spend more time being creative and less time learning which buttons to press."Ray Koefoed:"First I want to say that I have tried several different programs that claim to make creating animations easy.

Everything from Toon Boom and Anime Studio Pro to 3D programs such as Daz Studio, Moviestorm, Iclone, and so on.


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