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Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a bit of indulgence in our food and drink.

Sales of luxury products such as champagne and smoked salmon rocket at this time of year, yet while, when we buy a bottle of champagne, we can be sure that it has been made in a certain way, the same is not true of smoked salmon.

At the other end of the scale are the corner-cutting, margin-protecting smoked salmon competition that after more than a few forkfuls can taste like something to be endured, not enjoyed.

Such considerable differences in texture and flavour of the smoked salmons we buy are the direct result of the differences in their provenance and process. The real thing doesn't come cheap – up to £5 per 100g, compared with as little as £1.50 for a basic version – but as an occasional luxury, it's well worth shelling out for. Enjoying the real deal a few times a year is surely better for the soul than eating the over-salted, orange-hued stuff every week.

If you are looking for ideas, or want to find out more, visit our fundraising page.

You can also show your support by buying some of our brand new merchandise.

More Fundraise for Scottish Women's Aid There are so many ways to help our work.

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We are holding various events to celebrate this important milestone throughout 2016.

A special project has also been awarded a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to record and share the history of Women’s Aid in Scotland.


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