Browser not updating favicon

In this example, my Favicon database file has grown to 10.7 MB, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but considering that Safari has to search this every time you go to a web page, it can impact it’s speed noticeably 4.Next, just delete the file to send it to the Trash.The fix could have been shorter and faster, by deleting the complete caches from your browser it would have been updated without trying the above fixes, but it's not always wiser to use easier solution.The reason we didn't clear the complete cache was that it would have removed caches of every webpage and you don't want to lose all important information from your browser.I stick with ver=1.3 or v=1.2 because that works for me, but feel free to put anything you want.

One of the most common complaints among the Mac community is that Safari can become slow, but there are lots of easy ways to speed it up slightly.

Caching lets you visit the same site multiple times without having to download those files over and over again – you save time, the hosting company saves bandwidth, and the world makes sense again.

Caching poses a problem when a website makes changes to certain files.

A favicon is basically a website or bookmark icon which is displayed in Safari’s address bar to help you quickly identify a website (and it’s also used in the bookmarks list).

These icons are typically just 16 x 16 pixels and have a extension, and because they’re not essential for websites to run properly, they can be safely removed.


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