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costume supervisor Claudia Wick told the magazine they split because Hewitt was "so needy and immature.""She would call Mc Call up and go, 'Can you come and sit with me? "She would drag him on the set and then pout and they'd fight.

Mainly, it was her needing something from him: 'Can you say you love me?

“I was the lead singer of a group called LFO and we sold over 4 million albums, toured the world, were all over MTV and any other show you can imagine, then before you knew it, we were finished.” Cronin also describes his battle with leukemia and how that has affected his life and his recent foray into reality TV with VH1’s “Mission Man Band.” “It was a train wreck,” he said.

“After that, my credibility was lower than a septic tank.” Now Cronin, who is writing songs for TV ads and recently penned one for the hot new boy band, the Jonas Brothers, says he’s ready to find love. “I’m 32 years old and it’s kind of embarrassing to still be the Abercrombie & Fitch guy.

1999 - 2001Jennifer Love Hewitt and LFO singer Rich Cronin hooked up as Cronin's hit 'Summer Girls' was tearing up the charts.

The two stuck together for about two years during which time Cronin claims that she cheated on him even though she gave him an "infinity ring" and said she wanted to marry him.

Gillis left the group frustrated with the direction of the group and lack of success.

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"She would try on clothes over clothes," Wick said.

Nearly a week after Rich Cronin died of leukemia, the LFO singer's final song, "It Only Gets Better," has been released by New York radio station Z100.

Recorded last year after a brief LFO reunion tour, the upbeat tune is reminiscent of the boy band's past hits "Summer Girls" and "Girl On TV," but the lyrics discuss Cronin's health struggles and how they altered his view of the world.

The singer later reflects on "pushing tears out of my bloodshot eyes" and how he wants to "find an out from this endless pain," but the song concludes on a positive note, with Cronin "sitting on a cloud" and seeing "a better place."According to Z100, "It Only Gets Better" was recorded in Cronin's home studio with co-writer and producer Joe Clapp.

Scott Appel, Cronin's former publicist, says that the singer "wasn't in good health" when he reached out to Clapp with the idea for the song last year.


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