Updating asmedia asm106x firmware n0951

Origine: AKITi O [141202_60_14_0B] • Improved Windows driver installation we provide sometimes fetch less than status.Precautions • When updating firmware, install and use hard disk Thunderbolt port to connect devices.

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Je serais intéressé par cette carte pour le sata3 et si possible usb3 mais j'aimerais comme tous ici bénéficier des 500mo/sec Donc si je connecte cette carte sur ce port noir c'est compatible ? J'étais intéressé par la asus mais comme c'est une bouse je parts sur un autre modèle équipé d'une puce ASmedia.Do the Work A profile that consistently states "I'll tell you later" rather than supplying answers to relevant questions is frequently passed by, no matter how good-looking the person in the photograph.I thought I would throw some keywords that would describe what I like to do.Maybe you are lucky and the new ASMedia AHCI ROM v3.70 works for your Z87 system.Best wishes Dieter (alias Fernando)Hmm, I will try it then too, but do not expect more success than you had. I'm trying to explain everything step by step, as there might be inexperienced users who cannot follow otherwise - I hate it when instructions are exclusive.Do not use a favorite old photo and a bio from a previous online attempt; that's not smart online dating.


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