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Kidnapping girls off the street for sex work doesn’t happen nearly as often in the US, though its prevalent internationally.

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Working with exploited girls to bring pimps to justice was clearly a very emotional experience.

We live in a sexually mad world where God's gift of sex has been distorted through pornography, promiscuity, prostitution, abuse, trafficking, and rape.

The church's position on sexual matters has been made clear throughout history: all sexual activity outside the boundaries of Christian marriage is sin.

The reluctance to talk about their experience quickly gave way to an emotional flood of memories and insights. I guess it feels good to be able to talk about it.” I hope others find this unique lens helpful in some way. It went something like this: “Baby I can show you the moon and the stars.

In the US, Most Girls in the Sex Trade are Initiated by “Romeo Pimps” Romeo pimps recruit girls into sex work by developing relationships with them. We can make it big together.” That’s how it starts.


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