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Numerous restaurants offer varying ethnic cuisines. There is nightly live entertainment and the famous Dolphin Experience.

Organized tours and individual trips and transportation can be arranged at the Activities Hut next to Teaser's. Old Bahama Bay has teamed up with an exceptional local tour provider to be able to offer our guests the best of Grand Bahama Island.

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Christopher Columbus's diario is the only source of first-hand observations of the Lucayans.The curriculum, structured by NAGB Education Officer Katrina Cartwright, provided the expectations and support for camp instructors, giving context for each exercise that cumulatively facilitated an artistic trip through Bahamian history.Artists and arts educators included, Jodi Minnis, Blair Gray, Steffon Grant, Tiffany Williams, Elkino Dames, and Averia Wright.Learn about the history of the Freed Slaves dating back to 1834 as we drive through the settlement of Freetown.We also visit the actual site where Pirates of The Caribbean 2 and 3 were filmed. Western Eco & Sightseeing Tour - The best way to explore the western communities of Grand Bahama!The sources of inspiration range from Bahamian masters Stan and Jackson Burnside to Lillian Blades.


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