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Schoch © 1999-2000 ABSTRACT Many recent Egyptologists have attributed the carving of the Great Sphinx of Giza to the Old Kingdom Pharaoh Khafre (Chephren), ca. Initial carving of the core body of the Sphinx is estimated to have taken place during the period of approximately 7,000 to 5,000 B. The Sphinx has subsequently been reworked and refurbished many times over the succeeding millennia -- including, probably, during the reign of Khafre.

However, on the basis of a number of lines of geological, seismological, Egyptological, and related evidence, I have come to the conclusion that the structure commonly known as the Great Sphinx was built in stages (originally it may not have even been a Sphinx).

In addition to historical documents containing a wide range of data, documents located here focus on age, alcohol and/or drugs, deer, crash, vehicle/driver, and occupant information. The MTCF Data Query Tool allows users to construct unique queries using Michigan crash data and view the results in a variety of formats.

Currently, datasets are available for the years from 2004-2015.

Though we continue to refine our knowledge of the details of the paleoclimatic history of the Giza Plateau over the last 10,000 years, we already know enough to associate certain dominant modes of weathering with certain parts of that climatic history. The so-called Sphinx Temple, located just east of the Great Sphinx, is built of limestone coreblocks taken from the ditch quarried out to form the body of the Sphinx.

I was once screamed at by a boss for providing a too-warm packet of butter to go along with his lunch.

I was then told that I should, in the future, feel each packet of butter before putting it on my boss’s plate to check for temperature. One of my bosses asked me over the phone, quite sincerely, “Where am I?

Some even say that a healthy sex life can increase your life expectancy (as if you needed another reason to keep it up).

Learn about some of the issues around sex for men and women in their 60s, and take action to maintain a healthy, rewarding sex life. The brain likes something to puzzle over and figure out.


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