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In just under a decade, she’s gone from a stand-up comic touring the nightclub circuit to a full-fledged brand—call it Chelsea Inc.—with books, TV shows, concerts, movies, and sponsorship deals that raked in a reported million last year alone.

Her act—think Joan Rivers’s irreverence, Howard Stern’s prurience, and Chris Rock’s rage—hasn’t changed much, but her fan base, which is largely women and gay men, doesn’t mind.

The shower looks large enough to comfortably fit Mister Harbert, Miss Handler and, should they be into something a little more creative in the department, her little nugget sidekick Chewy.

Although we do not find any previous property ownership by Miss Handler, this is far from the only property owned by Mister Harbert.

WHEN Geof Wills, a comedy booker, first signed the comedian Chelsea Handler for a stand-up stint in San Francisco almost a decade ago, he came away with one distinct memory. Handler specializes in biting the hand that feeds: tearing down celebrities on a channel devoted to building them up.

Following in the mold of Joan Rivers and Kathy Griffin, Ms.

Her ribald tales of drunken escapades, wacky family and shame-free shags have won her a devoted legion of both male and female acolytes, drawn to her frank, bawdy style.

(Together they’ve sold 1.7 million copies and counting.)Handler is currently touring in support of her third release, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang.” Handler says as she sticks out her butt and moans, “Give it to me, 50, give it to me!” It’s a clever wink at the rumors that she’s dating the rapper 50 Cent. For Handler, the personal is not only public; it’s profit.If you’re going to name your daughter after a liqueur, at least have the courtesy to f--king spell it right.” Don’t even get her started on people who use numerals in their names, like the woman she met named L’4sha.“Can you imagine having sex with someone with a number in his name?No one would blame a lady for being good-looking, or using that to her career advantage.


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